Snow white top gel 15ml

Snow white top gel 15ml

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Snow White Top Gel is the Mereneid snow-white top gel, which helps to make an excellent French manicure. Its liquid viscosity makes it easy to use both among professionals and nail technicians working at home.

Advantages for a nail technician:

  • Very strong snow-white pigment guarantees a flawless result.
  • Due to its liquid viscosity, the gel is applied just like nail polish, which helps to achieve a beautiful result without much difficulty.
  • Does not leave a sticky layer and is perfectly suitably for using in Nail Art.

Advantages for a customer:

  • Helps to create a French manicure with a strong pigment and remains beautiful between maintenances.

Using the product: Gel dries on average within three minutes under a 36W UV lamp and within 30 seconds under a 12W LED lamp. Does not leave a sticky layer. Needs a top gel, for which purposes any Mereneid top gel can be used.